Saturday, November 9, 2013

Season of Thanks and Giving

Is it really almost Thanksgiving?! It seems to be skipped over and truly it's one of the most important days...really though I think we need to express our gratitude daily. This year we've been focusing on being thankful with what we have. We've become more aware of other countries suffering.

I think it's important to share with your children what's going on around the world to what they understand. Eventually their hearts will grow and they'll want to give instead of get. A new toothbrush is something small to us, but wow! is it ever huge to the little ones in other countries. We've been filling up plastic totes with hygiene products, school supplies, and toys to give to Operation Christmas Child. The Dollar Tree, Target dollar spot, and Michaels are musts to check out.

I know there's suffering here in America, but it's nothing compared to Africa...Honduras...India...We have soup kitchens, food pantries, WIC, SNAP, etc. They do not. I am often overcome with thankfulness to live here in America. It's important to share how big the little things are with your own child.

Many people have a Thankful Tree or Jar...tomorrow my husband and son are going to make a tree out of wood scraps. Then throughout the days, we can add a little note to be shared on Thanksgiving day over dinner. This is a new tradition we're starting.

Blessings to you!

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